Monday, October 25, 2010

16x DVD burner to write in the end how fast?

Although DVD burning faster and faster, but I heard "in the future the actual write speed is not as fast as the specifications said," Why is this? In addition, it also increased the speed limit?

Decided to use DVD recorder is one of the factors that speed. Because of the greater speed, write data, the shorter the time required.

For the DVD, the 1 second to write 1350KB of data "and speed", that is, 2x speed drive writes data to 2700KB / s, 4 speed is 5400KB / sec.

DVD burner, etc. from the original speed to 4x, and marked shortening of the time is proportional to the speed of, for example, under such speed write 4.7GB of data about 60 minutes, 30 minutes 2x, 4x 15 minutes. But if speed is more than 8 can not let it go, supposedly 8x 4.7GB of data should be written under 7.5 minutes, but in fact it takes about 10 minutes, and will appear 16X takes about 6 minutes.

鈼?Write the relationship between speed and time (to write about 4.7GB of data)

Marked in the product specifications in the figures is the write speed of the "maximum" speed. The actual current DVD-R write speeds up to 8x, DVD + R up to 12X, over these 8x burner, the speed is not to burn all the discs, but in some areas with the greatest speed recording.

鈻?16-speed is limited to the most peripheral

This is because, in the CD drive and DVD recorders, by rotating the disc to burn and read data on the device, the disc rotation frequency is in the physical limit. Determined by the physical properties, if the rotation frequency of more than 10,000 turn Mei minutes, the disc will be abnormal, there may be crushed. For this reason, the disc drive to control the rotation frequency.

As the 4-speed disc rotation frequency of the following fail Mei minutes 10 000 switch, so the whole disc can be written with the greatest speed. However, to achieve 8-speed, disc structure, due to actions, and within weeks, some more than 10 000 turn per minute, so within a week to write Department of speed control speed in the 4 to 6 daily, each minute part of less than 10,000 rpm District 8-speed write.

Since this is not due to 8x write the entire disc, and therefore can not be labeled according to specifications in the pro rata rate of shortening of the time. If the speed is 16 words, can actually write the region with the highest speed is smaller than 8x.

鈼?16 time speed 鈮?1 / 16

鈻?disc rotation in order to control the number of sub-10 000 turn in Mei within the need to separately adjust the position of the disc write speed. Only the outer ring of 16-speed write:

In addition, in the end to how much the convenience to enjoy high-speed, but also on the capacity to write data, because DVD discs are generally write from the inside out. In other words, more than 8x speed burner, just write the data capacity is small, you can arrive before the end of the most high-speed write. To enjoy high-speed 8x or more to bring the convenience, only to write nearly 4.7GB of high-capacity data. In addition, the DVD is concerned, the most outer ring under 16X speed close to 10 000 per minute change, already facing limit.


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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UTM Revolution - Who can not have both fish and bear's paw?

As the market and technology developments, many users find that their purchases of UTM products very much like a Swiss army knife - only useful when using a single function. All modules use fully, UTM devices will greatly decrease the performance, availability poor. Certain brands of UTM products, nominal performance is only open when the single function of the test data. Once the full-function, performance may decline more than half. Therefore, the manufacturers engineers in the implementation of the recommendations in good faith when users first open only to a certain function, other functions later to gradually open the frequent scene. At the same time, users are also not worried about performance not to use the full functionality to open, resulting in name only as a function UTM security products to buy, but only as a single functional product.

This occurs because, for the first generation appeared in the market, UTM products, integrated firewall, VPN, anti-virus, intrusion prevention, protection and other functions or terminals in the equipment to do is really just a simple superposition Once when opening multi-functional, various functional modules of the computing resources to snatch the overall performance directly led to a sharp decline. Although many companies have taken such as improving the hardware configuration, even with some features of ASIC hardware acceleration means, but the effect is not significant.

On the other hand, UTM market, the user after years of baptism, the requirements for UTM has become increasingly rational. At present, many mature users, vendors no longer accept all the performance parameters. But according to their network needs, set up a test environment, then use the standard test instrument to measure various products. The most common case is, ignoring the vendor product nominal number of connections, such as data throughput, but the test products in the environment at least Firewall + Intrusion Detection + anti-virus pages open at a time when handling HTTP, FTP throughput, etc. data as a selection basis. This test, more in line with the user's practical situation, coupled with Avalanche, IXIA test equipment and other standards to bring the relative fair, and the results more reliable.

Facing the new market environment, Lenovo network imperial continuous improvement in technology, in order to seek introduction of performance to meet user demand for a new generation of UTM products to use. Particularly with the integration of technology + engine + PSE pre-Optimal Matching technology to solve next-generation UTM product very good comprehensive performance problems.

Fusion engine, that is within UTM products, no longer exists independent of the firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus detection engine, but is a complete integrated test engine replaced by UTM. In fact, firewall, intrusion protection, virus protection and other major gateway protection technology, is a big overlap. By integration of the engine rather than multi-engine work independently or in series, can effectively reduce the wasteful duplication of testing brought the performance. Inevitably bring about the integration of the engine characteristics of database integration, and the resulting performance in fact is considerable. Of course, firms can adopt a prerequisite for fusion engine is vendor for firewall, intrusion prevention, anti-virus, VPN, and other additional features have sufficient technical inputs and accumulation of feature library can be purchased, but the engine must self-development, or have Source-level partners. Only on this basis, the chance of achieving complete integration of the engine.

Integration of the engine using the premise, UTM products can also be pre-screening technologies and optimization through the PSE matching techniques for further performance leap.

Integration engine technology principle as shown above. Data into the device, in addition to abnormal traffic flow protocol anomaly detection module outside. Traffic are the main engine to pre-PSE. PSE engine to a very high pre-separation of the innocent and suspicious traffic flow, and then by the characteristics of suspicious traffic matching engine optimization for further processing.

PSE a kind of pre-existing characteristics of technologies for data abstraction library to form a volume much smaller than the original features of the PSE database, then use the PSE library of pre-screening to speed up network processing technology. PSE through the abstract use of pre-treatment technology PSE Library, the detection time required for 10% less than conventional. When suspicious network traffic only to the 20% (which in practice is already high), pre-treatment with PSE performance can be as high as 70%.

Upon completion of the pre-PSE, the suspicious flow characteristics and then further optimized to match the engine for processing. This optimization principle of matching the technology is constantly under the processed data packets state set, when the state bits are placed in a predetermined value, then trigger the appropriate treatment.

Can be compared in the past the police vehicle on the highway to check every car on the release of a complete investigation. The culprits will be guns scattered the parts and bring in a number of vehicles. When the police see a particular component, can not be certain, do not immediately detained vehicles to avoid traffic congestion, but only made a record in mind. Until the check to the back of a car's parts, with the mind than the records and found that these components can be combined into a gun in the best car to be detained. Although the front has been spared some of the parts, but due to parts missing, the ultimate combination of guns can not cause damage.

Lenovo net Royal integration engine + PSE using technology and optimizing the pre-matching techniques of a new generation of UTM products can already do intrusion prevention + firewall + anti-virus functionality is fully open and contrast the performance of individual performance, down 10% to 20 % of the level of the user's network can be useful in the process, the real turn on all of the features to provide users with comprehensive protection really.

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spring scene photos using Photoshop will be processed into autumn scenery

How to green and spring scenery pictures into a golden autumn scenery it? Internet a popular approach is to use the channel mixer.

For example, this Huangshan scenic photos below, we can handle it this way: Open the image in Photoshop, and then click in the Layers Panel at the bottom of the "Create a fill or adjustment layer" button, select "Channel Mixer" Add an adjustment layer.

Figure 1

Figure 2

And then make the appropriate settings in the pop-up dialog box, you can get seemingly Autumn photos. Of course, the fact that Vista could not exist - even in the fall, pine needles generally do not yellow as this.

Figure 3

Figure 4

I realized that another method of introducing foreign. Here for your information.

Figure 5

Open the photo to be processed, the image layer mode changed to Lab (Image> Mode> Lab color), copy the current layer (Ctrl + J). Select the new layer, use the "application of image" tool (Image> apply image) application the following properties:

Figure 6

Add a layer mask layer to the current layer (Layer> Layer Mask> show all). In the layer mask selected cases, use the "application of image" tool application the following properties:

Figure 7

Finally the "Auto Levels" to the layer mask (Shift + Ctrl + L). The final results:

Figure 8

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Three features of the new distributor

As market competition intensifies, a flat rise of the tide and the rise of supermarkets, has long-term "occupation" channel distribution of the most important position in the traditional dealer groups to be human once ignored the existence of dealers have become can not do.

However, due to China's unique market characteristics and the environment, dealers in China within the field of commercial circulation long, and will continue to occupy an important position, has been the only change is the new era of new distributors than traditional distributors, with The following three features.

Entrepreneurial business thinking

The largest dealer of new features is that most of them have entrepreneurial business thinking. Simply, is that these new distributors have started to adopt the idea management companies to run their own distribution business.

Entrepreneurial business thinking is based on "enterprise" perspective, and we know that businesses exist in the society, the most essential purpose is profit, seek to continue to survive and develop opportunities. Here, the "profit", "survival" and "development" are the three key phrases, their thinking is the key entrepreneurs in business and also new dealers are most concerned about the problem.

Dealers are very concerned about the interests of the new acquisition, as it is to survive and even the basis and prerequisite for future development. Traditional dealers are concerned about the profits, the ancient saying "mercenary" is on a true portrayal of the traditional distributor, but these traditional dealer profitability, but an instinctive, low-level, simple race profits, utility is very strong, but the lack of long-term plans, their success is often short-lived nouveau riche style, not only difficult for them to unchanging feet long in the market, but also affect the entire traditional dealer groups in the increasingly fierce competitive market lack. When I travel to southern China, and is known as "the most astute, the smallest gas" Guangdong Hakka business meetings, several times the wine you'll feel the Hakka very "refreshing" and promised to raise the lower end of our rebate requirements; ago Soon, a friend returned from Jilin, northeast of people talking about the "liberated", shaking his head straight sigh, why? Because people do business now and in the Northeast, alcohol does not serve the purpose, and the Northeast began to pay attention to "material benefit", an abacus is also refined than the people of Shanghai. The two incidents reflected the fact that traditional distributors and new distributors in the interests of different thinking.

New distributors will first be concerned about their survival, so they for real, short-term profits jump to more weight. In order to get as many short-term practical interests, the new dealer will be fully put into consideration the cost, expected benefits, operating risks and other related issues. Now, more and more dealers began to adopt ERP financial management software, on clear days end; strict control into the day, sales and stock position, inventory at least once a month, a year-end bottom plate; strengthen risk prevention, reduction and even the cancellation of "advance payment" amount, reduce their business risks; to speed up cargo turnover cycle, raising funds rate; on the year-end rebates, rebates and other incentives stages, "preoccupied with" the pursuit of "the smallest price gain the greatest return "The goal.

New Dealers "targeted" not only looking at survival, but also anticipate future development, so, sometimes, new dealers will give up some short-term interests, away to the longer term interests. For example, many consumer packaged goods distributors are initially involved in the traditional areas of industrial marketing or engineering, who in order to open this new market, pre-need lots of manpower, material and financial resources, even after the investment is not necessarily to produce the corresponding return, but they still threw, why do this? Because they are more long-term development in the plot. In addition, a number of excellent wholesalers abandon his well-known wholesale business, a change to work more difficult, less profitable retail business, but also because he recognized that the development of China's commodity circulation trend. More typical example is the introduction of a large number of new dealers, "enterprise management mode of operation," outside employment "capable" operating his "business" to a strict system for assessing his employee.

All these are reflected from one side entrepreneurial business thinking of new distributors, which is the most typical features of the new dealers.

With "management" to do market

The second feature of the new dealer is accustomed to "manage" ways and means to do the market. Management, to describe in one sentence, that "good use of all real and potential resources for their own (business) work." New dealers are very good at doing a good job market, use of resources.

Close and cooperative relations between upstream suppliers. Dealer between upstream suppliers and downstream end retailers, consumers among producers and consumers in the play "bridge" role, this role makes the dealer can never exist independently from the upstream suppliers. New distributors typically maintain close cooperation with upstream suppliers relations, access to the many preferential policies for upstream suppliers and marketing support, and even the monopoly in some areas of distribution rights. In order to fully use the resources of upstream suppliers, rapid expansion of its own power, to win market opportunities, new distributors are trying with upstream suppliers to build a deeper relationship, including the establishment of joint-stock sales of company shares the two sides (such as air conditioning and Gree provinces and large stock sales company jointly established distributors), distributors participate in joint research and development funding, underwriting a paragraph products, and will become your OEM supplier of production plants, or is dealer financing acquisitions upstream suppliers. All these channels are conducive to upstream suppliers and distributors to strengthen co-operation.

Retailers involved in the downstream areas of strength. Some new distributors with their own strong capital, brand and management advantages, a strong retail area into the downstream end, in 23 markets and the establishment of a large number of rural markets controlled by their own retail stores; most of the new distributors under its own power local conditions, otherwise the field penetration into the downstream retailers. In general, these new distributors is usually wholesale and retail, but the lack of better economic conditions in the core retail area, to establish their own direct sales stores; in the areas of economic conditions generally more use of the power of local retailers expand their own power; more often, these new distributors to support all aspects of the downstream retailers, including a unified stand image design, advanced marketing management skills, first post-shipment credit guarantees and other means paragraph, both for the downstream The actual retail sales, but also extends the dealers in the local influence and appeal, making downstream retailers firmly tied around these dealers.

To the overall strength of association deal with the fierce market competition. These new distributors are aware that, without exception, wealth is a sign of a successful businessman; and "Fortune" at this stage not only contains "money" or "personal assets", is more important is "in the circles of power and appeal, "In addition, the Chinese society with each passing day, increasingly fierce competition in the market alone, the power of individuals is difficult to deal with the challenges of the market, therefore, these new distributors have been actively build, to take part in a variety of business associations in an attempt by the association the power to win more room for development. Wenzhou, a dealer agent of a brand batteries, before joining the local Consumer Electronics Association, sales of batteries for two years, but 10,000; less than two weeks after joining the association, batteries sold more than 3 million, exceeding the annual sales targets. Wise increasing attention from those new distributors strong professional business community, in the Zhejiang and Jiangsu province and the Pearl River Delta, a large number of similar business groups are hot pet dealers, get a great development.

Use of local connections, do a good job, "the local snakes." A new dealers do not necessarily have a lot of money, but they are often able to choose a "suitable area", in a "suitable area" within the sound development, thanks to their good use of the local connections Regional marketing some success. From the Chinese national conditions, strength of local dealers are still weak, they do not have enough strength to conquer new territories across the country, dash; realistic approach is only the implementation of regional marketing, intensive cultivation in the local area, do so through the deep, really a good their own "local snakes", and then may attempt a more long-term development phase. A new dealers excellent grasp this point, no matter which industry they are engaged, they always harmonious relationship between the local relevant government departments, close to local consumers, familiar with their preferences, and to avoid weaknesses, seize rivals short ribs and establish high barriers to entry, giving themselves the "strongmen" did not worry about "strong dragon" to come. Appliance distributors in neighboring Jiangsu Province of a township to establish a number of large chain stores, domestic appliances giant chain Suning, Yongle is also deeply entrenched in the local forces, the new dealer has never been afraid of "caught in survival."

Organizational structure with the times

The organizational structure of the new distributors as the market continues to develop, with great changes, but there is no uniform model. Overall, the organizational structure of the new distributor is advancing with the times.

Traditional dealers are very simple and clear organizational structure, basically the couple dealers, plus a few family relatives, large point and several hired helpers dealer. Dealers in person all the main control, finance, personnel, management is the "triple play" promotion is also a personal battle and even other family members and helpers is the handling of goods, selling products, which at the time of the market environment should be said that line s effective. However, the New Dealers have greatly changed the organizational structure (though not necessarily increase the number).

The organizational structure of the new dealers in general have the following changes:

First, careful division of responsibility clear. Dealers still personally the main control of financial, personnel and management work, but dealers have requested a special accounting grasp financial issues, dealers could only serve one kind of audit and supervision; personnel and management of dealer management personally, but Dealers have to make the assistant director responsible for system implementation, and also responsible for information transmission and communication between the upper and lower; in sales, dealer assigned to senior staff to guide new employees started quickly, and another is responsible for promotion, was responsible for advertising, It was responsible for gifts, it was responsible for contacting the upstream manufacturer, was responsible for booth layout, was responsible for consumer advice, was responsible for after-sales service, was responsible for other chores. This new organizational structure to better meet the needs of a modern market economy.

Second, properly utilized, can make the best use. New Dealer strength or small, will always strive to less manpower to accomplish more tasks, therefore, the new distributors even more specially trusted, "utilized, can make the best use" concept, and implementation of well off. Ji As mentioned, the new organizational structure distributors have the staff responsible for various matters, but in fact, many new Jingxiao Shang and not that many employees, therefore, in Zhezhong time, the new Jing Xiaoshang often deliberately Qu Hui culture (also required) the following multi-skill staff, give full play to the potential of each employee. "Compound talents" in the new organizational structure dealer is very common.

Finally, keep up with trends, close to the market demand.鏂板瀷缁忛攢鍟嗙殑缁勭粐缁撴瀯涓嶄粎鑳藉璺熶笂鏃朵唬鍙戝睍瓒嬪娍锛岃?涓斿緢濂界殑璐磋繎甯傚満锛屾弧瓒冲疄闄呴渶姹傘?鍗楁槍鏌愪腑澶┖璋冪粡閿?晢涓轰簡鍦ㄧ涓?椂闂村唴鎺屾彙鏇村鐨勫伐绋嬩俊鎭紝鐗瑰湴鎴愮珛浜嗕竴涓?宸ョ▼淇℃伅閮ㄢ?锛岄儴闂ㄦ垚鍛樻繁鍏ュ埌鍚勬斂搴滄満鍏炽?璁捐鐮旂┒闄?寤烘潗甯傚満銆佹埧鍦颁骇寮?彂鍏徃鎼滈泦鏈夊叧宸ョ▼淇℃伅锛涙箹鍖楁煇鍟ら厭缁忛攢鍟嗕负浜嗚繀閫熷煿鍏诲嚭澶ч噺浼樼鐨勫暏閰掍績閿?憳锛岃绔嬩簡涓?釜鍩硅椤圭洰缁忕悊锛屽埗瀹氫簡璇﹀敖鐨勫煿璁墜鍐岋紝閫氳繃鍔犲己鍩硅锛屽湪鐭湡鍐呭煿鍏诲嚭涓?壒鍚堟牸鐨勫暏閰掍績閿?憳锛岃缁忛攢鍟嗛?杩囨绉嶉?寰勶紝鏈?粓鏀剁泭棰囦赴銆?br />
聽聽聽 鍏跺疄锛屾柊鍨嬬粡閿?晢杩樺叿鏈夊叾浠栦竴浜涚壒寰侊紝姣斿锛岃繍浣滄柟寮忕嫭鍏峰尃蹇冿紝鑳藉灏嗙粡娴庢晥鐩婁笌绀句細鏁堢泭缁煎悎鍦ㄤ竴璧疯繘琛岃?铏戯紱瀛︿範鑳藉姏鏋佸己锛岀綉缁滆惀閿??鐢佃瘽钀ラ攢銆佺ぞ鍖鸿惀閿?互鍙婄洿閿?瓑鍏堣繘钀ラ攢妯″紡琚笉灏戞柊鍨嬬粡閿?晢骞挎硾閲囩敤锛涜鍒掓?闈炲父寮猴紝鏈洦缁哥吉锛屼竴姝ユ杈惧埌鑷繁璁惧畾鐨勭洰鏍囷紱鍧氬喅銆佹灉鏁紝璁ゅ噯浜嗙殑浜嬫儏缁濅笉鏀惧純锛岀洰鐨勯潪甯告槑纭紱鐩爣娑堣垂缇や綋纭畾锛岃浜烘劅瑙夆?鍔熷埄鎬р?寰堝己锛屼絾瀹為檯涓婂嵈鍙堟湁鐫??涓汉鐞嗘?涓讳箟鑹插僵鈥濃?鈥?br />
聽聽聽 涓嶇鎬庢牱锛岃繖浜涙棩鐩婂礇璧风殑鏂板瀷缁忛攢鍟嗛兘璁╂垜浠劅鍒伴紦鑸烇紝浠栦滑鍏锋湁鐨勭嫭鐗圭壒寰侊紝璁╂垜浠湅鍒扮粡閿?晢缇や綋杈夌厡鐨勬湭鏉ワ紱涓浗缁忛攢鍟嗙兢浣擄紝缁濆涓嶄細鏄嵆灏嗚惤骞曠殑涓?棌锛?br />


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Magic Assistant: can not control the computer keystrokes

Author: Wenchuan Wei

Frequent press the mouse button, mouse damage. If you use the "mouse Little Helper", do not press the mouse button, simply move the mouse, you can control the computer, amazing.

Software Name: Mouse Small Assistant V3.1

Software size: 548KB

[Click here to download]

As long as the need to operate the mouse control (buttons, menus, links, folders, etc.), his assistant will automatically detect the control information, and automatically complete the mouse (click, or double-click, etc.). To do a demonstration, move the mouse to the desktop "My Documents" icon, you will find it automatically double click to open, and then moved to the "Start" button, it auto-click, pop up the Start menu.

Maybe in a short time not used on the mouse function automatically, this software provides a key to switch function, as long as the bottom right corner of the program icon on the desktop, right-click (or "F6" key) can open or close the automatic mouse function to facilitate your operations. To note that the idle process must put the mouse on the blank space, and do not arbitrarily move the mouse, or prone to misuse.

When the mouse at a certain button (or other control) to operate automatically on to the mouse this time, known as the automatic right "response rate", based on your familiarity with the mouse operation process, the "response rate" can be amended, also can modify the effective range of the mouse automatically.

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Monday, August 2, 2010

WiMax to Japan side length

When the U.S. mobile communications company Sprint Corporation (Sprint) recently announced plans to launch in Boston and other three cities when WiMax services, Ericsson (Ericsson) but reverse the line, publicly closed the WiMax R & D center, switching and competitive WCDMA WiMax wireless technology. Ericsson's "lack of market demand," the reason is that the status of the U.S. WiMax market precarious realism.

Recently in the background, research institutions, telecom consultancy Analysys International and the U.S. IT market research firm Yankee Group (Yankee Group) jointly introduced the WiMAX World Conference in China, Analysys International also made an interesting analysis: WiMAX development, the main contributing factor is the growth of mobile data users, particularly in low income and educational background in higher user growth.

In fact, rule out the individual user level because of cultural and economic development with the United States is different from the needs of enterprise customers for WiMax in the United States the difference between the basic convergence: on the one hand is the temptation - in the roof On a receiver, enterprises equivalent to have a flexible broadband access "channel", without laying expensive fiber optic cable; the other hand, business users have to this temptation and a nascent disruptive technology to the enterprise of "insecurity," trade-off between .

Uncertain future

As a disruptive technology, WiMax advantage of self-evident: beyond the wired network access speeds, compared to Wi-Fi, its coverage is also more - much to the range of several tens of kilometers around the base station. However, IT staff need more is a need to worry about technology. In an interview with "InformationWeek" interview, mobile storage manufacturer ATP, director of the company's IT system, Robert 鈥?Neil (Robert Neill) said: "What we need is through a single account and network operators a steady connection, which requires different technology among operators how to better cooperate in providing mobile phone or BlackBerry as it is now the service. "

In addition, different from ordinary consumers, enterprises are interested in wireless broadband access in addition to "ubiquitous coverage", "high speed" and "cheap", there are more pressing question: When can access the service ? After all, broadband network services, whether it is born out of the mobile operator's data services, or as a wireless extension of Internet IP WiMax, are the government, operators, equipment suppliers top-down support. These, in China are not very clear, even if there are two serious telecommunications and IT research firm in Beijing keen to guide and publicity.

"Dream" into reality according to

Ambiguous attitude toward the parties and under debate, WiMax initial and key players in the Intel Corporation (Intel) continue to push forward the development of the technology, but this time than before, obviously a lot more realistic. Intel Developer Forum in the most recent information (IDF) said, in the upcoming code-named "Montevina" mobile processor provide the first integrated Wi-Fi/WiMax features that make Wi-Fi, WiMax complement allow users to move quickly to retain high-definition video and download large data files possible.

Intel's intent is: the "Centrino" chip successfully copied to the WiMax body - in a short time so that mobile equipment vendors supporting the product, and then to other attitude "ambiguous," the parties to better support the reason.

Intel, as the most upstream suppliers is so unshaken, or because the user has actually long been on the wireless applications and "everywhere" concept of moving the heart. WiMax Summit in Beijing, the first day of the two Yankee Group analyst described in detail in the WiMax platform, how will the user experience in the subversion of the individual, and gradually infiltrated into enterprise applications, thereby automatically achieve "ubiquitous enterprise applications "(Anywhere Enterprise).

In the fixed WiMax, some American businesses have started using TowerStream offers WiMax-based broadband, as broadband backup or alternative to T1. According to "InformationWeek" report, TowerStream provided is based on fixed WiMax (Fixed WiMax) on IP-based voice technology (VoIP), the service covers Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles and New York and other large cities. In addition, once the darling of WiMax, Sprint, now is the ClearWire companies than medium-sized cities and in a number of WiMax wireless broadband service related.

Wireless WiMax in the applications, the technology embodied as an extension of fixed and Wi-Fi high value. "InformationWeek" the report said Japan's Okinawa islands began to use Alvarion's WiMax technology to cover Tokashiki Island (Tokashiki), Zamami Island (Zamami Island) and Aka Island (Aka) and so on. As the typhoon in Okinawa often "walk" the channel, and the local not only scattered islands, but also have hilly terrain, fixed-line broadband has already been proved impossible to implement. WiMax becomes the only possibility.

"Gold mine" is hard to dig

In the Chinese market, the voices against WiMax is not small. Market research firm In-Stat analyst with Li Minti some negative point of view: the user difficult to distinguish between WiMax and cellular networks, the distinction should be obscured from the difference between technologies is not very easy, will worsen the user experience; In addition, for mobile operators, while WiMax can match the third-generation mobile communication technology (3G), but operating a cellular network is a great project, with such a WiMAX network, operators will result in resources decentralized, domestic and foreign carriers operating two networks in the two networks rarely have success.

Indeed, not ClearWire company operating two networks such as start-ups can only large carriers such as Sprint, with 5,300 million existing users, all over the base station, a lot of cash and good relations with vendors, and even start and Intel other firms to establish the underlying R & D cooperation, to try to have emboldened the gold mining WiMax.


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